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AgroEcological Transitions: What can we learn from Transition Frameworks?

Dernière mise à jour : 18 avr. 2018

2018 - Comparing SST and SES ontologies and empirical analysis towards a more sustainable and resilient governance of agroecosystems. Published in the journal Ecology and Society. A direct link to the article in Ecology and Society

Transitioning toward more sustainable agricultural development paths requires extensive change, and not simply marginal technical adjustments as suggested by a strong conception of agroecology. To deal with transition, we believe that agroecology can be enriched by a deep analysis of Sustainability Transition frameworks and conversely, that preexisting theories can be questioned in light of the specificities of agroecological transitions (AET).

Comparing the Resilience and IAD approach to the governance of Social Ecological System (SES) and the Sciences and Technology Studies on Socio-Technical Transtions (STT)

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