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Dr Armelle Mazé

I'm a Senior Research Fellow in Economics at INRAE (UMR 1048 SADAPT), Université of Paris-Saclay. This is my academic webpage where you can find information on my research projects and publications.

My academic work broadly belongs to the so-called field of "New Institutional Economics" (NIE), covering a large range of research topics, such as property rights, territorial conlicts and development, the IAD/SES framework of E. Ostrom (2005, 2009) on collective action and their social dilemma, Knowledge Commons (KC), models of bounded rationality and situated cognition, private enforcement and institutional design, public policies and regulation.

IASC International Awareness Week on Commons

October 4-12, 2018

7th ECPR Conference on Regulatory Governance.

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland



2018 SIOE Conference

HEC Montréal, Canada

June 21-23, 2018


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